Why Blogtide Rising?

Why did I choose Blogtide Rising as the name for this space?

Well, besides sounding cool, there is actually a very good reason. Or reasons. The easy one first. I have been thinking of starting a blog ever since one of my sons started one. The number of blogs on the net is steadily and rapidly increasing, like a tide rising on a beach. Blogtide Rising. I figured it would be best if I recognized just how insignificant my space on the net is. This blog represents just another drop of water in an ocean of blogs.

The second reason is a little more… weird. But, hey, that’s me. I am weird. Blogtide Rising is a tip of the hat in pun form to one of my favorite Science Fiction authors, David Brin.
His book Startide Rising knocked my socks off when I first read it. It has action and peril and underdogs and sapient dolphins flying spaceships. All things I like. But it has more. It has characters doing the right things and being kind for no other reason than it is who they are. Backed into a seemingly hopeless corner the characters show their true colors, some of which are black or shades of grey. The heroes show every shade of true blue there is. Brin captured the kind of people or fin (as he classifies the dolphins) that I want to be. People that believe in a world where zero-sum policies are just not good enough. People that take the harder path that leads to positive-sum gains for everyone. People that need not tear down anyone or anything to improve their station in life. Thinking, rational, good people. I am still striving to live up to their example. Being a non-fictional human, I fall short.

I am going to attempt to keep Blogtide Rising an uplifting place. I am sure I will get into a downer rant from time to time about stupid, irrational, and unkind things that happen around me and around the world. When I do rant, feel free to disagree. Help me stay on the positive-sum side of things.

One “point” to the first that can identify out the thematic pun in the paragraph above. Welcome to Blogtide Rising!


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  1. Cool! I get to be the first commenter!

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