Rain, rain, don’t go away…

I have been putting out a vegetable garden for many years now. The soil on our land is not very good. The land on top of this plateau has picked up the nickname of “swamp acres”. Accurate description. There are crayfish (crawdads, mudbugs) that live in my lawn. The majority of my lawn has only a half of an inch of top soil on top of nine inches of that green, slimy, constantly wet clay on top of that yellowish ultra dense clay that after several feet turns into shale. Typical Pike County geology, just wetter. The deepest topsoil I have found on my land is only two inches and that is due to the landscaping around the house’s foundation. Over the years I have done the best I could transforming a patch of swamp and clay into loamy garden soil where even the pickiest plants will grow. After mixing in compost, mulching with lawn clippings and neutralizing the acid with wood ash, I am nearly there. This spring when I tilled I was happy to see that the garden soil is starting to look brown instead of yellow. With great hopes I set out some plants and sowed seeds. And it hasn’t rained since. The tomato plants that have survived are still four inches tall. The corn is sprouting, but is looking pale. The green beans are still hiding, waiting for more moisture I assume. I haven’t planted anything else, yet. The hot peppers are still in the family room in their starter cups. Even the weeds are struggling. We had very few April showers and I think this was the driest May on record for this area. It is so dry that when I mowed the lawn last week I could see where the lawn tractor wheels were sliding the thin top soil over the underlying clay every time I stopped or turned. It reminded me of a throw rug on a hardwood floor. I did a little digging and that green, slimy, constantly wet clay is currently hard as cement. We need rain.

It is drizzling outside right now. I hear thunder in the distance, heading this way. Doris is asleep and could possibly sleep through any migraine a storm might trigger. It could even be one of those storms that don’t trigger migraines! Yesterday was warm and sunny and we had beautiful breezy dry weather and a fantastic picnic with Doris’ cousins.

But today? Today I’d like get soaking wet if I step out side.


4 Responses

  1. No migraine today. Maybe the rain released the storm front that was causing pre-migraine conditions yesterday.

    The picnic was fabulous. Wonderful to catch up with the cousins who came. Hopefully, we’ll have another get-together and even more can attend.

  2. Update: We got the rain. Some of the tomatoes died, and I will be replacing them. Some corn is up, and more are spouting. The green beans are making an appearance as well. Smart beans… they decided to wait for the rain before trying to grow.
    Now to get the hot peppers and pumpkins planted.

  3. Update: We have gotten more rain in the last four days than we did from May 1st to June 25th. For the first time since January the ground is saturated. Maybe the flowers and vegetables will grow now.

  4. […] for the rain… Published July 17th, 2007 Outdoor World , Blogtide I asked for the rain but I didn’t expect this. I think mother nature is trying to make up for the lack of rain […]

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