Customer Service?? Yeah, right.

I want to be able to speak to a knowledgeable human being.

I am tired of automated phone-bot systems that are not sophisticated enough to help me and give me no option but hanging up in frustration.

I am tired of customer service web sites that send you on a merry, tail chasing, endless loop of pages that do not help. I am tired of knowledge bases that have no useful information. I am tired of service “chats” where the technician can only spew back the same useless drivel that was unhelpful when I looked at the knowledge base myself. I am tired of getting bad products, bad solutions to fix the product and bad attitudes from the friendly and helpful customer service “people”.

I am the customer. I paid for a product. I do not want a brush off. I do not want attitude.

What I want is a refund. Customer Service tells me that I have to wait until Monday to talk to somebody about that.

I am betting that this “somebody” will be a phone-bot that won’t understand the concept of a refund.


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