I really don’t like them.  I am talking about the inside the cranium pain, not the pesky everyday life nuisances that never seem to get cleared away.

I have a headache right now.  I put off writing a blog entry early this morning because of the discomfort.  I got this headache because I tried to sleep in, of all things.  That is how I get most of my headaches.  If I try to keep sleeping past my normal wakeup time, I get a headache.

But don’t feel sorry for me.  With some time, pain reliever and fluids I know this headache will be gone.  I even know that the pain is not that bad.  Back a several years ago I had a spinal tap performed to rule out a neurological disorder.  I had a mini-migraine for about 12 hours as a result.  The test was negative.  The pain in my head knocked me flat out.  Blinking hurt.

I know people that get migraines.  I know people who don’t think migraines are a big deal, and one or two who think they don’t really exist.   They exist.  And my sympathy goes out to any migraine sufferers out there.

I am going to find a quiet spot and wait the short time it will take for the headache to go away, and prove once again that I don’t get migraines.

Trying to do a blog entry everyday might turn into a headache…  the outside of the cranium kind.


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