Rabbit-proof fence (and a movie mini-review)

If anyone arrived hear expecting comments about the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence”, it is in the last paragraph. The main topic of this entry is about my garden.

I have put out a vegetable garden for several years now. The last two years the sweet corn did not make it because rabbits ate the shoots as soon as the corn sprouted out of the ground. Last year, the rabbits (I am assuming more than one) took a bite out of just about every tomato as it began to ripen. This year I built a chicken wire fence around the garden. I am happy to report that it looks as if all of the corn is going to make it. Some of it is nearing a foot tall. I am already anticipating making salsa from the tomatoes and hot peppers that I have planted. The small expense seems to be paying off.

So, big deal, right?

I got a good chuckle last evening because of my fence. I happened to look at the garden as my oldest son and his wife were leaving after a visit. Standing at my fence, staring into the garden was a rabbit. You could almost imagine its little head pressed up against the chicken wire like the face of a child against a candy shop window. Wanting to share this little slice of nature humor, I called the kids over to look at the rabbit staring into the garden. I explained to my daughter-in-law about how the rabbits had ravaged the garden in years past, boasting how my fence was keeping them out.

She looked at the rabbit, which hadn’t moved or even twitched and was still staring into the garden. “It’s kind of sad,” she said in a way that tickled my sense of humor. I have been chuckling about it all evening. I almost felt like going and letting the rabbit into the garden. Almost.

Mini-review:Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)
When I first started calling my garden fence a rabbit-proof fence it was just an attempt to convince myself that I could keep the rabbits out. I have no misconception that if the only food available to the rabbits was in the garden, that they would easily dig under it. It is not really rabbit-proof, it is actually only lazy-rabbit proof. There was however a real fence in Australia that was designed to be rabbit-proof. Imported rabbits overran Australia decimating the flora and ecosystem. The fence was an attempt to keep the rabbit population isolated in one part of the nation. That real-life fence plays a vital role in the movie, “Rabbit-Proof Fence”. I recommend this movie for everyone. It is an amazing film that tells a true story that is more remarkable than fiction. It is proof that the human spirit and the desire for justice and freedom can not be stopped. It shows a side of Australian history that I was totally unaware of; and that history is the reason the movie has become a source of pride for the Australian aboriginal people.
Watch this movie if you have the chance. You will not regret it.


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