Review: Ghost Rider (2007)

The movie was nice visually. I didn’t get the urge to walk out of the room. It was highly predictable. Those are the first three things that pop into my head when I think about the movie Ghost Rider.

I could nitpick about the visual effects, but won’t for one reason. The effects were not over the top and I didn’t get pulled out of the movie wondering why the effects were bad, or why they were over done. The movie kept a nice balance.

I went into the movie with my usual comic book adaptation attitude. Which is that if they did it “right” it will feel like a comic book come to life. Again the movie delivered. There was a good balance. Silly comedy, fantastical superpowers and the like. I was not expecting something extra special and I was not disappointed. (Double negative intentional)

The movie did let me down in its predictability. Maybe the Ghost Rider comics had overly simple predictable plots. I don’t know. I was never a big fan. I knew the premise and the powers before watching the movie, but that’s it. I recall only being surprised once during the movie. It was the build up to the climax when the sound track started belting out an instrumental version of “Riders in the Sky”. The song didn’t surprise me; I had been expecting it. What surprised me was that I couldn’t remember the words. I am normally very good at remembering song lyrics, but I just drew a blank. I need to get an Outlaws album and listen to their version again. I am sure the words will come to me. Nothing “in” the movie surprised me; however, nothing “in” the movie was overly telegraphed to the viewer either.

All in all, this was a good pizza and beer movie.
My weird sense of humor was tickled by the thought that “Easy Rider” Peter Fonda was the nemesis of Ghost Rider. In my opinion, Fonda delivered the best acting in the movie. Cage did one too many Elvis-like poses and hand gestures.


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