Airplanes at 6:00am

I want to be clear that I am not complaining. I chose this house. The rest of the family is free to complain if they wish.

What am I talking about? We live next to a county airport. Most of the time it is dormant. There have been the odd disaster drills held on the tarmac and once they even brought in an airplane fuselage on a semi-truck trailer for area volunteer firefighters to practice with. Maybe three times a year the Ohio Air National Guard will hold helicopter touch and go landing practice here. Rarely a small jet will touch down bringing in VIP businessmen or politicians. Thankfully these folk drive straight past my house when they leave the airport.

Very rarely is our life really disturbed by the airport. However, once a year we can count on it. The squadron of planes that spray pesticide to keep down the mosquito population, and keep West Nile Virus at bay, arrived this week. At first I thought there was some kind of fly-in going on, but Doris correctly identified the planes as the ones we get each year. There are somewhere between five to ten of these lanky yellow planes. I haven’t gotten a clear look at them when they are all on the ground this year, but there were seven of them last year. What I do know is that they begin taking off around 6am and continue to land and take off throughout the day. Yesterday, a returning plane buzzed our house. I call it buzzing because I figure that if I can see the tread in his tires, he is to low. I looked for a “I (heart) DEET” bumper sticker on the plane, but didn’t see one.

I understand the strategy for preventing a West Nile Virus outbreak. Our house is on a swampy plateau and we battle mosquitoes during the immediate post rainy season. Which, if it were not for the messed up climate, would be now. We normally have mosquitoes with a leg spread the size of of a quarter dollar. I don’t like the idea of chemical pesticides, but I can not come up with a better solution, so I quietly support the spraying. I support it because normally I’d have to cover myself in DEET just to work in the yard, and even then I’d swat and kill a dozen or two mosquitoes every hour.

But not this year. This year as been too dry. I have not been bitten by a mosquito this year. Deer flies? Yes! But not mosquitoes. I can only assume bureaucracy is at work here. The contract to spray for mosquitoes was probably signed months and months ago. However, many Ohio taxpayer dollars could be saved if spraying was halted in this county. There are no mosquitoes to spray! I know first hand how hard it is to stop a bureaucracy from spending money in a wasteful way. The contract is god, and if in the contract there is no mention of there needing to be actual mosquitoes to spray, then the mosquito spraying will continue. My only hope is that the pesticide will kill those stinky yellow faux-ladybugs that show up… in the fall. Never mind.


2 Responses

  1. Unless I have a migraine, the planes aren’t a problem. The helipcopters bug me, but they’re rare.

    What do you mean you chose this house? I wasn’t very far past the entry hall when I knew it was right for us. The boys also loved it instantly.

  2. You are right, all of us chose it. I was barely out of the car when I started saying that this was the place. Not that I want you to, but I guess I just figure it is only fair if all of you want to blame me for the airport noise and lights because I did know how close it was. The bright beacon was a surprise to me, but it wouldn’t have changed my wanting the place. :)

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