Review: Before You Leap by Kermit The Frog

“Before You Leap: A Frog’s Eye View of Life’s Greatest Lessons”

How to describe this book? Hmmm…

Fozzie Bear might say, “Kermit has a three foot tongue and except for catching flies, everything he does is tongue in cheek. Wocka! Wocka!”

The book is part Muppet history, part tongue in cheek self-help and part coffee table book. For all three parts, it is really suited only for the die hard Muppet fan. I am a fan, and I struggled to finish reading some chapters.

The book starts out promising enough with a Kermit view of the Muppet’s history. There are some interesting things here, and frankly I wound up wishing that the entire book had been an in depth history of Muppetdom.

But, alas… The majority of the book was self-help with a lot of silly and useless things thrown in. I did chuckle a few times, like when we find out that Animal’s answer to every question is “Want woman!” (I’m a sucker for running gags.) I guess if you desperately need help with life, and you only trust a Muppet to give you sound advice, then this is your book.

It shines as a coffee table book. When I first got it, I’d pick it up, look a random page, laugh at the joke or silly picture, and put it back down. I was really looking forward to reading it. The pages are of a heavy slick paper stock. The binding is tight. The layout and typeface are easy on the eye.

Would I recommend this book? As a gift to a Muppet fan? Yes. To someone that needs a self-help book? No way. As a conversation piece to lay out during a party or other get together? Why not. If you just want to look at it, borrow my copy or try interlibrary loan.

The last chuckle I had was a post script on an otherwise blank last page. Kermit writes, “Hi there! This is the end of the book. You can put it down now.”

Well this is the end of the review, you can stop reading now.


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