Abused Pets

Living next to a dog pound is worse than living next to an airport. And while the barking of the dogs can be annoying, that is not the reason it is bad living near a dog pound. You see, the hours that animals can be left at the pound are clearly posted, yet people still drop off animals when the pound is not open. Some tie the dog up with easily chewed through string, others just shove the dog out and drive away. In most cases the dogs end up at my house. I get to escort them back to the pound. Cats dropped off in this manner rarely survive the marauding packs of wild dogs and/or coyotes that tour the area. I buried two last winter that the coyotes just killed and left in our yard. Those cats that do survive become feral. There is one wild orange tomcat in the neighborhood that outweighs small children. The first time I saw him I thought Bobcats were making a comeback in the area.

Yesterday I had to escort a large pup back to the pound. Every single time I have to do this it breaks my heart. I am not a mean person, and I really am not eager to condemn innocent animals to death. I am sure that yesterday’s pup will not make it through today. I am sure the warden will put him down. This dog was abused. It has mange over 95 percent of its body and has open and weeping sores. Still when it was sitting in our driveway, it wagged its tail at me. It wanted a home.

I am not mean, but I can not give a home to every stray that arrives at my doorstep. The people who are mean are the ones that are responsible for condemning this poor innocent: its original owners. No animal should be treated the way this pup obviously had been treated. Perhaps that is why they tied it to the dog pound fence with string yesterday. Maybe they were afraid that if they dropped it off during normal hours the Dog Warden would call the County Sheriff on them, and maybe he would have. I know he should have.

The thing that really galls me is that there is a free mobile vet clinic that has been in our area ten or more times in the past year. They spay and neuter dogs and cats for free. Free. This means that these abusive owners can’t find the time to keep the pups from being born, but they can find the time to sneak to the dog pound when no one is watching and drop them off.

I woke up this morning because of a nightmare about that poor pup. It looked up at me with those soft brownish green eyes, and said “I want to live with you.” (I won’t be able to laugh at “Duke” on the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials or watch that “Ain’t no bugs on me” singing puppy commercial for a long time without feeling upset.) I feel guilty even though it is not my fault. It angers me that the original owners probably haven’t given the pup a second thought since they dropped it off yesterday, and yet I am having nightmares about it. They obviously didn’t give it any thought while they owned it, or it would not have been as sick as it was. Simple, clean bedding can keep the mange away.

I feel like I am a mean person. I feel guilty. I can not keep they strays that show up from the dog pound. I am afraid that if I keep even one, I will no longer be able to turn away any of them. The guilt would just be too great. I can’t open that door. This breaks my heart.


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  1. That’s how I feel with all the strays. They touch my heart. But I’ve bowed to the wisdom of not keeping them. I had to or we would have about 6 cats and 9 dogs. Not to mention all the kids we would have. lol No, I’m not calling children strays, but we have encountered quite a few kids who need love and caring as much as or even more than the animals that end up at our house. There is always room in my heart. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room in our house or budget to take care of every soul that passes through.

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