My reading shelf

This post is going to list the contents of the book shelf where I keep the books and magazines that I plan on reading. Being a computer geek, I think of it as my reading queue. I have other shelves filled with books that I plan on reading soon. I think of these other shelves as my secondary queue. When the main shelf has an empty spot I select a book off the secondary queue shelves and put it at the back of the reading queue. I try to alternate between fiction and something else, (non-fiction, humor, science, etc.). If I buy a book or get one as a gift, I allow myself to insert it into the reading queue, especially if I paid full price. Most used book purchases automatically go on the second shelf. Periodicals always jump to the front of the queue, and I have a list of e-zines that rotate into the periodicals mix. I am reading a lot of e-zine back issues, and will only be reviewing current issues once I catch up.

I have seen these types of lists on a few other blogs and I figured it would be a good way to give folks that might be interested a heads up on what is on tap for future reviews on Blogtide Rising. My apologies if I bored you with my method for setting my reading order.

  • Asimov’s SF, August 2007 (currently reading)
  • Ohio Genealogical Quarterly, June 2007
  • North Star (North Country Trail magazine), April-June 2007
  • Flashing Swords, #3-7 (no reviews)
  • Ohio Genealogy News, Summer 2007
  • People of the Black Circle (novella collection)- Robert E. Howard
  • The Shawnee Prophet– R. David Edmunds
  • The Runes of the Earth– Stephen R. Donaldson
  • In Short: A Collection of Brief Creative Nonfiction- Kitchen and Jones, ed.
  • ChronoSpace– Allen Steele
  • Origins of the Crash– Roger Lowenstein
  • Becoming Alien– Rebecca Ore
  • The Letters of JRR Tolkien– Carpenter, ed.
  • The Broken Sword– Poul Anderson
  • Atom– Isaac Asimov
  • Clarke County, Space– Allen Steele
  • The War Within– G.B. Trudeau
  • The Hour of the Dragon– Robert E. Howard

I am deciding which non-fiction goes into the list next. I am leaning towards Asimov’s Biographical Encyclopedia of Science & Technology since I have two of them on secondary queue shelves. Yes, I read encyclopedia’s and other reference books from time to time.

Also on my secondary shelves I have Howard’s Red Nails, several books from Card’s Ender series, Robinson’s Mars trilogy, Le Guin’s The Disposessed, Orwell’s 1984, a few Asimov SF short story collections, a Donna Andrews mystery, a lot of Asimov science and non-fiction, and much, much more. Items that will jump to the front of the queue are magazines/newsletters that will be arriving from the Ohio Historical Society and the Buckeye Trail Association among others. I am also buying back issues of a few fantasy and sf small press magazines. I plan on reading at least some back issues of Down in the Cellar, Dragons, Knights and Angels, Electric Spec and Sword’s Edge e-zines. Baen’s Universe beckons as well.

I am always open to suggestions of a “must read” book or magazine.


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