I want a “Do Not Mail” list

Dinnertime has been pleasant since I signed up on the National Do Not Call Registry. I was never torn about the violation free speech issue that some telemarketers complained about. They are free to contact me in public if they so wish. I consider my phone to be part of my home and as such it is not public. No one is allowed to enter my home or wiretap my phone without just cause, and a warrant approved by a judge. I scrambled to sign up, and except during election cycles, l am content. Non-profits are exempt from the “do not call” rules. I guess a partisan politician is non-profit, go figure…
What I want now is a “Do not Mail” registry to do the same thing for my personal, private, US Mail. I don’t even think it has to be a law, just a large movement. If enough people sign up for such a service the junk-mailers will see it as a profit point. These companies are all about profit, right? They will voluntarily subtract our addresses in an effort to get a higher percentage of mail to the target audience, i.e. anyone that does not trash junk mail instantly upon pulling it out of their mailbox. Me, I shred it. I don’t want to hassle figuring out what junk mail could be potential Identity Theft opportunities. So I shred it all.

I want this “do not mail” list because of the amount of junk I get. I counted my junk mail. I have received 41 junk mail items in the past two weeks. That is nearly three and a half junk mail items in my mailbox each and every day. I get more junk mail than everything else combined. This count does not include the newsprint or postcard ads. This is only the official looking envelope style junk mail. One company has the largest share of mailings. They send so much junk to me I have taken to saying “what’s in your mailbox?” as joke to counter point their TV ads that claim they do not hassle people. I am being hassled. And because I feel hassled I am also in favor of eliminating the bulk-rate postage for non-media mail. Junk mailers are the only ones that seem to use first class bulk rate anymore. (Non-profits should be allowed to keep their rate…I guess.)

And on the environmental side, I shudder at the number of trees that are used to support the junk mail industry’s shotgun approach to advertising. Will future generations wonder why we defoliated the planet only to fill holes in the earth with paper? Or will they wonder why great-great-great grandpop didn’t take the opportunity to get a loan where you only have to pay the monthly interest charge, thus reducing the amount of his payment each month? Hopefully our future generations will be smart enough not to fall for junk mail schemes.

Hold it. They won’t be using snail-mail, will they? Perhaps I should focus my attention on eliminating junk e-mail, huh?


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