RIP, Fred Saberhagen

Science Fiction and Fantasy author Fred Saberhagen died on June 29th, 2007.

I was enthralled with his Berserker series. So much so that I lifted character names from his fiction to use for role-playing game characters. I lifted ‘Giles the Treacherous’ from Berserker’s Planet mainly because of the line “A true scoundrel would probably call himself Giles the Honest”. Typical Saberhagen. He had the ability to insert humor into the most intense story lines without being over the top.

I remember laughing while reading The Dracula Tape. I can’t remember if I loaned this book to Steve, my college roommate, or if he loaned it to me. It doesn’t matter. I do remember having a great time talking about the book with him.

Another of my favorite authors has died. It seems that too many great Science Fiction and Fantasy writers have been leaving us, and I feel my youth fading with each departure.

RIP, Fred Saberhagen.


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