Captain America

I am attending Origins 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll have a complete update about it later, but I just had to comment on one thing.

For the past, oh, four years I have worn my Captain America T-Shirt on the first day that I attend Origins. Most of the time only people who were also wearing Captain America T-Shirt would comment about it. Not this year!

Marvel Comics killed off the good Captain. He may have not had as large a fan base as the X-Men or Spidey, but it is obvious to me that his “death” has made him more popular. I saw no fewer than eight people with Captain America shirts yesterday. A lot of people pointed at my shirt or gave me a thumbs up as I walked around the convention. Around 10 people talked to me about my shirt during the day. Only one of those people asked me what I thought about Marvel killing him off. I have not read any Cap’n comic books in years. I had been holding out hope that perhaps Frank Miller would tackle his story. I liked the way Miller portrayed him during Miller’s excellent run writing Daredevil.

Today I am wearing my new Underdog shirt. I hope people comment about it as well. I have been a fan of Underdog for 43 years. I was looking forward to the announced live action Underdog movie; that is until I found out that they cast a DOG in the title role. It would have been better if they had done a talent search for a young, balding, “Wally Cox”-like human actor to play both the super hero and alter-ego. I saw a preview with a dog in a cape, and it looked stupid. Jason Lee does play the Shoeshine Boy, which is good. And Peter Dinklage is Simon Barsinister. I thought he was great in the movie The Station Agent.

As you can tell, I am all broken up by the “death” of Captain America.


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