These are Secret Bathrooms!

Ever go to a convention? There are some things that happen at conventions that I have learned to pay attention to.

The most important is mob mentality, also known as lemming learning. With large groups it seems that most individuals stop thinking independently. Common sense becomes a rare commodity.

This is especially evidenced by people lining up to buy drinks from a vending machine. People will continue to stand in line even after three or four people have tried, and failed, to get anything out of the machine that clearly displays “sold out” on all the selections.

This lemming learning translates to other things. Especially restrooms. There are always the highly visible restrooms right outside the large cavernous convention halls. The lemmings follow each other into these, sometimes forming long lines, almost always creating a… um… shall I say unpleasant environment despite the best efforts of an overworked cleaning crew.

I have learned to pay attention to where the lemmings don’t go. Literally. In most convention centers and large conference hotels there are always restrooms that are tucked away in very out of the way places. Explore and you will find them. These stay clean, quiet, and protected by those who have discovered them.

This week I was in one of these restrooms when two men walked in. One of the men was amazed. He uttered his thanks to the other gentleman, and then in a voice filled with awe, joy, and a tinge of greedy ‘mine, all mine’ hysteria said, “These are… secret bathrooms!!!”


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