Hectic July

July is going to be a hectic month for me. (Even more hectic for Doris). It will be a good month; there is just a lot to get done.

It started off with the fun part. For me Origins 2007 ended last night. Three days of gaming, talking and caffeine. I’ll give an overview of the convention another day.

Today I take Derek back to Pittsburgh and get him moved into the new dorm room. I am not looking forward to the drive back home alone. Chris made it into the Origins Dealer’s Choice poker tournament finals and will be trying to win the event today instead of going to Pittsburgh with us.

I have a Devenbert deadline that I am not happy about. I am sure to rant about that in the near future.

I need to pull the weeds in the garden, soon, before they take over.

I have to fix the car window. (And if successful, maybe fix the same problem with my Dad’s car window.)

I am behind on mowing the lawn now that it (hurrah) finally rained.

I will be helping with my soon-to-be-grand-baby’s baby shower as much as possible. (big grin)

I am going to be helping my Dad empty and tear down an old machine shed on his farm. We are going to salvage the wood. He is going to use the 90 year old weathered oak to panel a room in his house.

I want to polish up a story that I wrote for a small press anthology. Their deadline is the end of July.

My home office room needs cleaned–desperately.

The mess in the garage is still waiting for my attention.

(and the list goes on)

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be busy enough not to miss Derek very much. It has been a blast having him around these past few weeks.


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