Origins 2007

Over all I had a great time at Origins.

There were a lot of families at the con this year. This was a good thing. And not all the kids were playing collectible card games either. There were a lot playing miniature base war games, traditional board games and even role playing games. I saw one family where the mother was the gamer geek, and the dad kept an eye on the children when they didn’t have events. Stereotypes fail again!

There were some problems. The organizers were disorganized. They had events scheduled wrong. Wrong time slot, same game listed twice at the same time with the same GM, that kind of stuff. Both events I paid for had problems.

The first game I played was a miniatures war game by Jim Getz with the diorama and figurines by Uncle Duke Siegfried. The organizers shorted the time slot by two hours. It should have been a six hour game (yes, six hours). More than half of the players scheduled other events that conflicted with the end the mini game and they had to leave.

In my Dragonquest game, the time slot was an hour off. I got there an hour late, and it ended an hour before I expected. I was able to play.

The juicy rumor is that there is a strong possibility that there will be a Fourth Edition of Dragonquest. More on this later if it does move forward.


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  1. I need to get to Origins someday. It always sneaks up on me somehow, and I never block off the time.

    We used to attend Tol-Con in Toledo and the Fal-Con gaming convention in Bowling Green — both small affairs compared to Origins but a lot of fun nonetheless. I’ve run DragonQuest and Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game at cons and really enjoyed it. In fact, my friend Tom and I ran a Star Trek game together once. I ran the session until the captain ordered an away team to investigate a derelict. The away team got sucked away into who knows where — and Tom took over that protion of the game at a different table. So I ran the ship portion of the game, with people frantically searching for their lost away team, while Tom handled the away team portion.

    Tom and I sat back-to-back so we could communicate, and it all timed out so well that just about the time the away team had escaped the alien clutches and found a way to send a message, the ship was done fighting its way through a net of enemy vessels and coming into communications range.

    It was one of the best GM experiences I’ve ever had, and we never would have been able to do it anywhere but a convention — we needed a fair number of players and a lot of room!

    I also like playing games I don’t get to play much (not that I get to play any very often these days …) Paranoia is a great game, and I like the Marvel Super-Heroes game, too. I haven’t ever gotten into a big table-top military game at a con, but around our house we like to play “Wooden Ships & Iron Men” (a great game of fighting during the Age of Sail) and a few others Tom and I have played — “Air Superiority” and “Air Strike” among them.

    — Steve

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