Green Apples

I love green apples. I am specifically talking about unripe apples, not apples that remain green after they are ripe. Don’t get me wrong, as far as eating apples are concerned I think Granny Smiths are the best. But there is something about those sour unripe apples that appeal to me.

When I was a small kid we lived in a Columbus neighborhood near Ohio State University, on the west side of the Olentangy River. The back yards in this neighborhood seemed to me to alternate the kind of trees that had been planted. One next door neighbor had cottonwood trees, we had maple trees, the other neighbor had apple trees, then cottonwoods again. I am not sure if there was a pattern. I don’t remember if any other back yards had apple trees or not. What did I care? The yard next to ours had apples, why go looking any further?

My big brother Lloyd was crazier about green apples than I was. I could blame him for the neighbor yelling at me for being in his yard, but the truth is that I would have climbed the fence to get those apples even without Lloyd’s encouragement. I would only grab two apples, maybe three, anytime I climbed over the fence. It wasn’t a daily occurrence either. I don’t know why the neighbor yelled at me. It’s not like a six year old, especially one at tiny as I was, could pick very many apples. Well, there was that one time that we ate so many that we both had bad stomach aches.

There are I times I still can’t resist. Just a few minutes ago I was mowing the lawn, and one particular apple was just at the right spot when I was mowing around our apple tree. It almost picked itself. And since it was off the tree, I figured I’d polish it up and see how much red was starting to show. And since it was all shiny and clean, I figured I’d go ahead and eat it. Sure hope I don’t get a stomach ache.

It sure tasted good.


2 Responses

  1. I am soo with you on that!
    Every summer I keep my eye out for wild apple trees along roads, looking for unripe apples to eat. My stomach absolutely craves them, and if you find the good ones, at the right stage of unripeness, they taste fabulous!
    I just found a tree and picked about six, and ate ’em all up! I never get sick or anything.
    And I was just reading that nutrition experts have found special good things in unripe apples. So here’s to picking a few apples “too early” and chowin’ down! But to those out there reading this who haven’t tried them: Finding good ones depends on the variety or species of apple, and at which stage you pick ’em. While one tree may be producing ones you like, another kind of tree right next to it might need a little longer to taste a little better. And some trees have unripe apples that are bland or too hard. Just find a good tree. And if you like tart, but it’s just a little too tart for you, keep coming back to the tree and see if it’s reached its right level of unripe-ness. You may find you like it almost ripe.

  2. Thanks for this reply, Amy. Here it is a year gone by since my original post, and that apple tree in my yard beckons. I just may have to slip on a pair of shoes and go get a green apple to have with my breakfast.

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