Compact Utility Tractor

I have said here before that I actually like working outdoors. I don’t mind mowing the grass, or working in the garden. I like to think that I work intelligently, and never push myself to hard. A few years ago we had a riding lawn mower and a borrowed rototiller. Both of them worked the heck out of me. It would take three days to mow our entire yard. I did push myself and the lawn tractor one Saturday just to prove to myself that the entire lawn could be mowed in one day. Our garden was small and that was mainly because I tilled until I was exhausted, then stopped. What I had been able to do ended up being the size of our garden.

The borrowed rototiller had fuel and exhaust problems. I even tore it down and replaced all the gaskets once. The tractor became so worn out that if the grass was damp, it would refuse to cut. I replaced the bearings in its engine in an attempt to reclaim some lost power. No amount of tightening the belts or sharpening the blades helped.

It was time to get replacements. I decided to go out and get one of those mini-tractors. The industry calls them Compact Utility Tractors. Mine has a three point hitch, rear and belly power takeoff (PTO), and a PTO driven 64inch mower deck. I also bought a PTO driven rototiller attachment that fits perfectly on the three point hitch.

It only took me a half an hour to till our large garden this year. Ten minutes of that was attaching and detaching the tiller.

I can mow all 3.3 acres of my lawn in about three hours, and use less than five gallons of diesel fuel. I have used the tractor to pulled out small tree stumps; which reminds me that I need to pull out a dead bush near our driveway.

The bottom line is that I really like this little tractor. I have gotten it stuck in the mud five or six times, but I was really into wet areas I had no business being in. The main reason it got stuck (besides my bad judgment) is because I have turf tires on it instead of the standard ribbed tractor tires. Our property is so wet that I thought it was better to try and float above the ground instead of digging in and tearing up the lawn by leaving tire tracks. The farmer who use to own this land use to called it swamp acres. I made the right decision. The turf tires have really helped with the mowing when the ground is wet.

I like to spend time outdoors, but when I am as busy as I have been these last few weeks it is nice to be able to get the lawn mowed quickly. If you have more than a acre or two of land and you find yourself needing more than an afternoon to comfortably mow your lawn, I suggest you look into getting a mini-tractor. And don’t let them put anything smaller than a 60 inch mowing deck on it.


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