I asked for the rain…

I asked for the rain but I didn’t expect this. I think mother nature is trying to make up for the lack of rain this spring. It seems that nearly every day now we are getting gully washer strength afternoon thunderstorms that are typical here in Ohio. Typical in their sudden appearance and departure, in the volume of water, in the power of the tree bending wind. Not typical in the number of afternoons in a row that they have been happening.

The garden is doing well now, aside from the wind damage. Yet, even with all of these afternoon storms the ground is still soaking up most of the rain. So, I guess “gully washer” was an overstatement. The storms would be gully washers if we’d had a normal spring and if these storms were resulting in a nearly 100% run off instead of a nearly 100% absorption.

The bad side effect of these storms is the pain they cause migraine sufferers. So for the sake of those dear to me, whatever power I invoked to get the rain to finally show up, please, oh please, turn down the volume and give us a few calm showers or light drizzles. Knock it off with the theatrics. You got my attention. Thanks for the rain, but ease up, will ya?


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