Overview: Ohio Historical Society

I am a unashamed history nut. Nearly all of my nonfiction books cover history or historical topics. For some reason it took a father’s day gift to get me to join the most prominent history based organization in the state of Ohio. I am very glad for the gift.

Yet, I still haven’t taken full advantage of all the Ohio Historical Society has to offer. They have holdings and museums all over the state. From Adena Manson and Gardens to Zoar Village, from Serpent Mound to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, the society covers all areas of the state, and all eras of history. I have only visited the Adena Manson and Gardens, and that was to participate in a fund raising activity, not to simply enjoy history.

I guess I just need to make a list of places I want to see, plans some trips, and get busy enjoying history.

I hope to have more to write about in the future as I actually get out and visit all of the historical places around Ohio. Until then I will just keep reading their fantastic publications. Timeline is a wonderful journal. I have to admit that I look forward to its arrival as much as my science fiction magazines. Echoes is the newsletter and also contains fun information, but also updates on all of what is happening across the state. The OHS website is always up to date, and is very easy to navigate.


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