Road Trip (070803)

Another road trip to Pittsburgh and back today. Derek wanted to spend some time with his nephew Owen. I was happy to oblige.

Chris came along again, and we had fun talking and listening to music. He has a Steppenwolf CD and the Credence Clearwater Revival 24 Carets three CD collection. My voice is nearly gone from singing along with all of that music. On the return trip, Derek hooked his mp3 player up to the car stereo and played samples of music he has been listening to. I really liked the band Metric. Emily Haines has a wonderful voice. Derek said this was an early album, and that the band changed their style for the more recent albums. He also played more Modest Mouse for me. They are good. The best surprise was how much Dream Theater sounds like Boston. Similar, yet distinctly different. Besides some familiar sounding guitar work, the lead singer seems to have a very good vocal range and hits notes like Brad Delp could.

I have made this trip many times now, and it really amazes me how short the trip seems when I have my boys with me. When I took Derek back to Pittsburgh after his all too short summer break, I had to drive home alone, and it seemed to take forever. I have to take Derek back on Sunday… so another trip is in order. But it is so worth having the entire family around this weekend. The entropy of the universe seems hell bent on pulling us all in different directions. I know that I need to fight the chaos and pull them close to me every single chance I get. Tomorrow the boys and I are going to a movie together. We use to go to movies often, and always seemed to be able to see one during the Christmas holiday season. But the last few years have shown that it is hard to keep traditions going. I plan on enjoying these next two days as much as possible.