Who’s my boss?

{Warning: Rant about my job}

I don’t know who my boss is. Well, to be totally accurate, I don’t know who one of my bosses is. Because of “reorganization” that has been going on for over three years now, everything has gotten muddled.  I do know who my project manager is, but that person is only there to monitor my work on my current assignment, and give me a new one when I am finished.  What I don’t know is who is the manager I am to request sick leave or vacation from, seek training through, ask for a new project to be assigned to, and any of the other myriad of administrative manager tasks.

I have been operating in this vacuum for around six months now.  I just take leave whenever I want, apply for whatever training I want, and such.  I am afraid to question this too ardently because there is someone out there signing my pay sheet every two weeks, and I don’t want them to stop.  And it is likely that they will stop if too much pressure is applied.  My guess is that the person signing the pay sheets is doing it because there is no one else doing it and it needs to be done.  I wouldn’t be surprised if technically they are not suppose to assume that responsibilty.

Nearly a dozen upper managers that I am familiar with have retired or found other jobs.  This is what happened to all but one of the managers in charge of our section.  The remaining manager was transfered laterally to another section and can’t assist us (although I think he is the one signing the pay sheets.)   My opinion is that he was transfered because he was to effective and was making all the other managers at his level look bad.

But why this rant today?  I need to get this out before it ruins my weekend totally.

I write software; I am a software developer.  As such, I need a computer environment that allows me to do just that.  But we don’t have one that is really good enough.  We have been hobbled with the current computer setup since this “reorganization” began over three years ago.  Finally with enough paper work, or project manager has secured the promise of hardware, operating system support and a robust database.  All the pieces are in place, and have been for weeks.  All that is lacking is the signature of the administrative manager responsible for my section.  And as I have said, we don’t know who that is.  So we wait for someone to figure out who is suppose to sign the damn paper.

I volunteered to sign it myself.  I think the project manager thought I was joking.