League of Extraordinary… Characters

Ever since the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was released my family and friends have made suppositions as to what characters would be in the League during different time periods. This was sparked by artwork in the movie that showed what was possibly suppose to be earlier incarnations of the League: Zorro, Hawkeye (Last of the Moheicans) and others.

What would a modern League look like?

The rules are that the character must have appeared in a work of fiction: written (novel or story), movie or television. The character must inhabit or be presumed to inhabit the general time line of the past decade, from 1998 through the present. The character must also inhabit a world that is not much different from our own. No alternate histories. The character could have special abilities, but fantasical, cartoonish, or unexplained/unexplainable superpowers are out. Sorry, no Superman however Bruce Wayne does qualify.

The kind of character that stands out from today’s movies are the political action hero. While different they are basically cut from the same cloth. These include:

  • Jason Bourne – Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and others
  • John McClane – Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
  • James Bond – Casino Royale (2006)
  • Jack Ryan – The Sum of all Fears (2002)

I am sure that there are many others like these, so instead of naming them let’s try and think out of the box. For example instead of Bond, perhaps Ms. Moneypenny should be in the League because of her amazing organizational skills and vast contacts within government circles.

On another post’s comments here at BlogtideRising, Bruce Wayne and Cole Sear (the kid from the movie The Sixth Sense) were already named. Outstanding choices!

Obviously I have given this modern League a vast amount of thought. But I have an ulterior motive with this post. What I want is for all you lurkers to come out of the woodwork and post something here. I can see by the number of hits on my blog that there are likely more than just three or four people that will read this.

I’ll refrain from naming any other characters for a week or so. Get creative. Name some characters!


3 Responses

  1. Here’s a bizarre possibility: Capt. Douglas Gordon (portrayed by Don Frye) from the movie “Godzilla: Final Wars.” Gordon is a burly, hard-living tough guy who commands the Gotengo, a big flying vessel designed to fight gigantic monsters — and so would make a good analog for Capt. Nemo from the original League. He’s a hard-core, terse fellow who loves a good fight. He likes guns and swords and babes. Addressing the aliens who have come to turn humanity into their private food larder, Gordon informs them there are two things they can’t handle — “Me … and Godzilla.”

  2. There you go!! I love it, a character I was unfamiliar with! I guess I am going to have to watch “Godzilla: Final Wars” now, huh?

    Alright, everyone. Name some more characters!

  3. “Final Wars” is hands-down the coolest Godzilla movie. It ought to be available at bigger movie rental places.

    One reason I like Capt. Gordon for the new League is that he provides a visual image reminiscent of comic books. He’s built very blocky. He has a mustache. He has glaring eyes and a menacing smile. He wears a military uniform. And, of course, there’s the Gotengo — full of lasers and missiles, capable of traveling through the air and under the sea, etc. Full of potential.

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