The Kidnapping of Jose Padilla

The political lamp is lit This is important.

Jose Padilla is a US Citizen. Jose Padilla was picked up in 2002 on suspicion of being part of a radiological “dirty bomb” plot. Jose Padilla was declared an “enemy combatant” by the President of the United States. Jose Padilla was whisked off to a military brig, and kept in isolation for over three years without any access to due process afforded to US Citizens under our laws. Jose Padilla was tortured via the technique of isolation. In 2005 when Padilla’s right to trial/”enemy combatant” designation case was nearing a hearing by the US Supreme Court, the President of the United States dropped the “enemy combatant” designation and brought him up on charges that had nothing at all to do with a “dirty bomb”.

The trial of these other charges has closed and there is a verdict.

Before I get to that, I want to address the title of this post. I have thought about this a lot, and I can see no way that any rational person can not agree that Jose Padilla was kidnapped. He was held against his will illegally. Yes, illegally. Just this past June 11th, 2007, the US Supreme Court 4th US Circuit Court ruled that “in the United States, the military cannot seize and imprison civilians — let alone imprison them indefinitely.” {NOTE: Edited on 21 August 2007} This was in response to the al-Marri court case. My reasoning is that if something was illegal in the past, and was confirmed as illegal recently, then it matters not if our government claimed that it was legal at some point in time. All of these “enemy combatants” were, in a word, kidnapped because they were not allowed due process. I feel that criminal charges should be filed against those responsible.

It matters not to me if these individuals are ultimately found guilty. They should have had access to due process from the beginning. Because without due process and the checks and balances our founding fathers built into our government, bad things can happen. Bad things happened to Jose Padilla. He was tortured. The Christian Science Monitor, in an extensive article on 14 Aug 2007, covered what was done to Padilla.

It turns out that Padilla was found guilty on charges that amount to “aiding Al-Qaeda”. Sentencing will not be until some time in December.

This case has appeal written all over it. The book is not closed on the illegal activities of the US Government.

Some may ask why I am so adamant about this topic. It is that I see the entire moral center of my government collapsing. I see petty people twisting law for their own desires. I see fascist ideas and activities invading our republic. I wonder who would be next. My neighbors, my friends, my family? Me?

If they can deny one man his basic rights and freedoms, then they can do the same to any of us. To any of us.


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