The Phone is Dead

Here at Swamp Acres we are starting our third day (24 hour period) without our land line phone. If anyone needs to contact me, try Doris’ cell. If you don’t have her cell number, send me email. If you don’t have my email, post a comment to this entry. Our phone goes dead periodically, although it is normally only off for less than 24 hours. It doesn’t happen a lot, but often enough to be annoying. The irritating thing is I think I know what is happening.

Somewhere along the path from my house to the first switch a technician thinks our twisted pair is available and simply disconnects us. One tech slipped up and basically told me that he had disconnected me the day before when he was connecting someone else’s new line. He said it wasn’t marked correctly. You see, we use to have two land lines. One for voice and one for data. For some reason the phone company insisted that the data line was the primary line. When we got broadband I canceled that phone number. Ever since then we get disconnected periodically. There is no pattern… it could be a few months between disconnects or, as in earlier this year, just a week or two. In every single case when the tech finally begins working on our problem, it is fixed within what seems like minutes.

I bet our line has been labeled with that old data line number that is disconnected, and the techs keep using it thinking that those wires are up for grabs. If this keeps up I just may switch to VOIP (voice over IP) using my high gain wireless broadband. If cell phone signals came in stronger here at the house, I’d get a second cell phone and attach it into Doris’ service plan and disconnect the land line phone altogether. I am getting fed up with the shoddy service. Who is my phone company? Well, let me say that if they used there “Can you hear me now?” ad campaign for their land line service, they could be sued for truth in advertising.

56 hours and counting without local phone service… tick, tick, tick.