Brag: Acting Again

Over on the Discussion Forums there is a special forum for people to brag about their writing accomplishments. I think it is cool to give people permission to brag about themselves. Because while we all know someone who brags on them self constantly, it seems to me that most people find it very uncomfortable to toot their own horn. Me? I’d like to think I fall somewhere in the middle. And yet I found myself sitting on this bit of news, not willing to tell people because I was afraid they might think my ego had gotten the better of me. Well, after the week I have had at work (yes, I know it is only Tuesday morning), I figure I need to focus on the good things.

I got a call a few weeks ago from Pike County’s local playwright, Delmar Burkitt. Delmar is a nationally published playwright and I know that his plays have been performed in high schools across the nation. I have acted in four plays he has written and directed. He was looking to cast people in an upcoming comedic dinner theater play. Since the performance dates fit with my schedule, and since I have discovered that I enjoy acting, I agreed to be in the cast. The ego boost of being asked to perform without an audition is big enough, but that is not my brag.

My brag is that after I agreed to perform, Delmar told me that he was calling because he hadn’t written the play yet, and wanted to be able to write it with specific actors in mind. Wow. The part is being written specifically for me! How cool is that!??