Brain Freeze the Hard Way …

Ever had a brain freeze? You know that short duration pain you get in your head when you take a big mouthful of something very cold like ice cream? Well, I can get brain freeze without eating anything cold. I get brain freeze the hard way.

I have arthritis. I have had it for many, many, many years now. I have always disliked the cold and even air conditioning in the summer time can be unpleasant. I can equate the quality of my arthritis pain to that burst of pain one feels with a brain freeze. But unlike a brain freeze the my arthritis pain never totally goes away unless I take medicine or I find a way to get totally warm. I am one of those people that avoids taking medicines. I have learned to just live with the everyday version of my pain.

Yet there are times when intense pain can’t be avoided, like on winter days when doing something with my hands requires that I take my arctic rated gloves off. Even indoors I can’t totally avoid the pain, like today when I was breaking apart the frozen hamburgers I am cooking for dinner. It has been ten minutes and the pain from that cold is still seated in my wrists and fingers. I decided to type this entry in an attempt to get the blood flowing and work out the stiffness and pain.

I am not referring to the normal arthritis pain when I talk about getting a brain freeze the hard way. You see, I have learned over the three decades that I have battled arthritis that the best way to deal with the cold is to just keep at a task until either I finish it, or I lose the ability to use my hands. I have literally been unable to grasp a zipper tag to take off a coat or jacket. Once I was barely able to turn a doorknob. But I am off track here and that story will have to wait.

I packaged the hamburgers wrong when I froze them. I didn’t put enough wrap between the patties and they stuck together. So, you see, this is all my own fault. It took a while for me to get them apart.

Recall that brain freeze pain? Keep it in mind. Imagine it hitting your fingers and wrists instead of your brain. Now imagine it inching up your forearms to your elbows, and then on to your shoulders. The speed of the pain speeds up now and almost as quickly as you could move a spoonful of ice cream from the bowl to your mouth, imagine that pain jumping to your spine, up your neck and into your brain. Brain Freeze. The hard way!

It is somewhat different. A normal ‘eating something cold’ brain freeze occurs in the front part of your brain, or sometimes near the temples. Hard Way brain freeze hits the back of your head and then the top. Same sensation, just a different area.

I know people that take tiny bites of cold things because they hate brain freeze. I know people that take huge bites just to get that short shock of pain. I envy them.


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