While walking this morning I got to wondering how long, in actual walking time, it would take to reach 1001 miles. Well, I have kept track of many of my start and stop times when hiking, and I know the distances, so it was easy to calculate. 338.1756 hours, approximately. That is a little over 5.6 days of continuous walking. My normal walking gait on flat ground clocks in at 3.2MPH, and my normal gait over hiking terrain varies, but it consistently hovers near 2.6MPH. Slower when there are lots of difficult hills, faster when there are not. Hiking up Sugarloaf in the Great Seal State Park I was under 1.5MPH and that is the most strenuous trail in the area. A good average difficulty trail in Scioto Trail State Park, from Caldwell Lake to the Fire Tower and return, I clocked in at 2.86MPH. I estimated the amount of different terrain I plan on walking for my 1001 mile goal and it came out to an average speed of 2.96MPH.

Given optimal conditions and hiking for 10 hours a day I could hike the same distance as the American Discovery Trail (ADT), i.e. coast to coast, in 171 days. Given the reality of the actual ADT, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, the Utah desert and bad weather it would take much, much…very much, longer to actually walk across the USA. Maybe someday…

I think for now I’ll just stick to hiking locally.


2 Responses

  1. But if you never start, you’ll never finish! I’m still pretty amazed that I’m at 3514 on the NCT. I may actually finish it.

  2. That is true, Sharkbytes! I think that as long as I stay fit now, that when I retire, I can plan for realistic goals such as circuit hiking the Buckeye Trail. Till then, lots of local short hikes!
    Good luck with completing the NCT!

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