They Put Me On Hold

They put me on hold, and it feels like a good thing.

I am talking about the story I sent out a mere five days ago. The five day turn around is amazing. I guess I was so prepared for a rejection that I am stunned that it is not. It is not an acceptance either, they are just hanging on to it for a bit. They said not to get my hopes up. Hah! That boat already sailed!

I wrote this story back in 1996 and I got rejection letters from Analog and the now defunct Aboriginal SF. The submission to Analog was a shot in the dark as I really tailored the work specifically for Aboriginal SF. It was also the last story I sent out before I took an unplanned decade long hiatus in writing fiction.

I am hopeful that it will be accepted because the slush readers seem to get it. “Quirky weirdness” is a dead on description of it; their words, not mine. It is the kind of thing that grows on people. Back in 1996 after its first rejection, I showed it to a friend that subscribed to Aboriginal SF. He frowned when he read it the first time, but came back and read it again. This time he laughed and said he really liked it.

I had notes somewhere about how I could make this a series of stories that all start the same way, yet all branch off into their own quirky weirdness. The notes were likely lost in our 1999 move back to Ohio, but I am sure I can recreate the ideas.

I didn’t get a reject. They put me on hold!!

Hang on. That means I have to wait some more… Drat!


2 Responses

  1. Deven: I hope the story sells. And the only way to not totally obsess about it is to write another story!

  2. Amazingly I find that I am not obsessing about it. Perhaps it is because I gave up on ever selling the tale eleven years ago. Right now, even if they end up not taking it, I am pumped up because it is at least being considered. That never happened with anything I wrote back in 1996 and earlier. Never. Just to have a story from back then spark some interest makes me feel like maybe I wasn’t wasting my time.

    Work issues have been dragging me very low again. But between the poetry stuff over on Swords Against and the interest in this story, I am feeling more energized to write. I was so inspired I penciled out some stuff on a new SF story. What I really need to do is FINISH some of the six other stories I already started…

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