This Doesn’t Happen Every Day…

My ultra-short flash story The Journey has been accepted by Every Day Fiction.

This is my first fiction sale. I have two previous non-fiction publications, one for a now defunct web based role playing magazine and a guest editorial for the national publication COIN WORLD. {I don’t count all of the software training, technical and user manuals I have written for my job. The government owns it, not me.}

The Journey tops out at 95 words. I initially wrote it back in 1995 or 96; I lost track of when exactly. It came to me in a flash which makes it appropriate that it has been purchased by Every Day Fiction a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine fiction in bite-size doses.” They publish what is known as “flash fiction”–stories that are 1000 words or less.

The acceptance letter had me laughing. Editor Jordan Lapp said, “Okay. This piece has beaten me down.” They want me to be available to respond to readers comments when the story is published because, according to Lapp, “I’m SURE there with be a lot of people going WTF (I did the first time I read it).” What I am not sure of is what I can say about the story. How does one explain or defend “quirky weirdness”??? It is what it is, although I am anxious to read what others think about it.

As part of my 101 Things in 1001 days project, I had set a goal to get a story published before May 27, 2010. Technically I have fulfilled that goal, but I don’t think I will count it. All I did was brush off a little tale that is over ten years old. I did it on a whim. That goal was all about learning the craft of writing and having some measurable success as the outcome. I reserve the right to change my mind on May 26, 2010.


5 Responses

  1. “quirky weirdness”??? Now I want to read it too!

  2. I’ll let you know when it gets published on the Every Day Fiction website. It could be a few months from now, could be next month…

  3. Hey, Deven … congratulations!

    When readers ask questions about your quirky weirdness, you can always fall back on the “I don’t explain my fiction, I just put it out their and let the readers bring their own understanding to it.”

    Or, you can answer them with even more quirky weirdness!

    Either way, it’s really cool that you got a piece in EDF. I’ve been reading it daily since this month’s debut, and there have been some pretty good pieces come out of there. I really look forward to seeing yours.

    You might not have to wait that long to see it published. I don’t think Mr. Lapp is beyond November yet in his ToC. He might not even have filled October yet; I think his next ToC announcement is due Sept. 15. He does the contents list for the whole month.

    — Steve

  4. Thanks, Steve.
    I really don’t mind waiting. But I guess sooner would be better, eh?

    I have read EDF everyday so far. It is fun to read some of the comments over there as well.


  5. Congrats, Deven! That’s awesome.

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