Review: The Lookout

The Lookout (2007)

I have become a fan of the acting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His most recognizable TV roles, Tommy Soloman (Third Rock from the Sun) and George (Roseanne), show an understanding of comedic timing and subtlety. That style serves him well in The Lookout.

It would have been easy for any actor to have overplayed the role of Chris Pratt. I am reminded of the part of Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” which can easily become a campy role if not played subtly. Levitt hits the mark on this one. Maybe it is his age, or maybe it is that indie style films are shunned by the establishment, but I feel that there should be best actor buzz surrounding this performance. It is brilliant.

Jeff Daniels supporting role as Lewis is also strong. It is roles like these that make me wish Daniels would stay away from the slapstick comedy roles he has filled in recent years. Daniels can act and it would be nice to see him in more drama and action films.

If you have read much here you should know by now that I am a fan of anything where the underdog gets to shine. This is that type of movie. It is filled with sorrow, hope, humor and sheer brilliance. This movie will be on our video shelf before too long.


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