Cleaning is hard for a pack rat…

(re: Thing #13 – Clean my office space)

I made a good start at cleaning my office space. I still have a lot more to do, however.

I am a pack rat. My sister and I joke that it is a genetic trait that we inherited from our maternal grandfather. Grandpa White didn’t seem to throw anything out. He did have the good habit of using what he hoarded. He made a cattle watering trough from an old bathtub and used at least three different types of pipe to feed water to it. He had a storage room full of toys, some of which had mixed parts, that all of his grandchildren played with. His brother Andrew never threw away any mail, including junk mail, and when it came time for him to move we filled two truck sized trash bins of the useless paper.

I am working hard to stop my own hoarding. It is difficult. My office space is small, but over the last six years I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” in it. Not all of it is work related. I have memory items from my childhood that I “decorated” my space with. I have coin collection related items, hiking stuff and of course–books.

On the work side of things, I still had a CD to restore the hard drive of the work computer I have not had since 2003. I had software that I do not need now, and will not run on my current workstation. I had notes on projects that I finished years ago. I had every single empty FedEx envelope that has been sent to me (I do reuse these as file folders). I have business cards that vendors and coworkers have handed me over the years; cards that I have never used.

I am being ruthless in throwing things away this time. Just not the important things. I am keeping those special cards from Doris. And fun things like my Eeyore Pez dispenser. Practical useful things like paper clips.

Everything else has to go.


2 Responses

  1. You made a good start, but next time you sit at your desk look to the right. See that table full of your stuff? Hint, hint!

  2. Ah, yes! Thing #53. It is not obvious from the description that the table was the primary target. I will get started on it in tandem with Thing #54 as soon as I finish Thing #13. (Which is still making good progress, BTW.)

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