Overheard at the Pharmacy…

I didn’t catch the entire exchange… so I am going to present it as if it were a joke, although I wonder if it wasn’t. You never can tell with some people.

Lady: So I went to that fast food place.

Pharmacist: Um-hmm.

Lady: The service was terrible and when the cashier finally brought me my salad she said “I am sorry about your wait.”

Pharmacist: Um-hmm.

Lady: Well I was never so insulted in all my life! I told that cashier that I was sorry about my weight as well. I mean, why did she think I was ordering a salad instead of a burger and fries! I have put on a few pound recently, but really, to bring up my weight right there in front of all those other customers… well, it was just rude!

Pharmacist: What?


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