Who’s My Boss? – Part II

{work rant}

With great fanfare and chest pounding the bosses in charge of the continuing reorganization of the folks responsible for creating and maintaining the software running at all Veterans Administration medical centers nationwide met yet another milestone. The first wave of “Supervisory Assignment Letters” were sent out to the first cohort of employees. I have not had an official supervisor since April 1st, 2007. I have been looking forward to this news since April 2nd.

There are some aspects about not having an official supervisor that can be thought of as good. No one objected to, or negotiated for, any vacation days that I took off. The bad part is all of the team fell into this category, and we did have one instance when we were all out of the office at the same time. If there had been a problem, the lack of coverage could have been disastrous, or at least very inconvenient. As it turned out no one but the team members noticed.

I do have a PM. Project Managers use to be supervisors until the reorganization team made some bad decisions. Over the past few years many of the skilled PMs have been replaced by contract employees, and a contract employee can not make policy decisions about employees, new projects, current project design or any of the other myriad things that a supervisor must do. All PMs do now is process the paperwork associated with their project, and give status reports. A contract employee can do that.

Today my “Supervisory Assignment Letter” arrived in my email system. The preamble stated that first and second level supervisors would be disclosed, but that because of current staffing shortages some employees might see a vacancy in their “primary and/or secondary” supervisor.

Pause for effect.

Guess what?!! My letter tells me both my first and second level supervisors are vacant positions. I still have no supervisor!!!

But the reorganization team can report up the the Department Secretary that they met this milestone because they sent out the all important “Supervisory Assignment Letters” before the deadline of Oct. 1, 2007. I hate bureaucrats.

But at least I have a Project Manager, right? Hmmm…. I do today. But because he is a contract employee, and because the bosses failed to continue the special contract employee funding that includes my project team, it is likely that my PM will not be allowed to continue working in the new fiscal year, which starts Oct 1, 2007.

No supervisors, no PM. That laughing you hear is the hysterical type.

As of the date this rant was posted, I have 8 years, 3 months and 17 days until I can retire. That is 3031 days–minus 433 weekends of course.


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