Scratch Thing #60

60. Power wash back of house/return power washer

If there is a lesson to be learned by the readers of this blog, it is be cautious what you lend me. It may be a while before I return it.

I borrowed a power washer from a good friend over a year ago. This spring I finally got around to power washing the front and both sides of the house. It took until this fall to finish up the backside of the house and return the power washer. Good thing I have kind and patient friends! I bet if I asked to borrow it again, it would be on my front step ASAP.

The back of the house was in a word, dirty. Because of the direction the wind normally blows here at Swamp Acres, the wind whips and swirls at the back of the house like the wind off the back of a large truck. This results in an eddy of wind that tosses dirt back up against the house. Similar eddies are what cause the back of any car, truck or van to be dirtier than the rest of the vehicle. It is also has a mostly northern exposure. This results in moss growing on the slabs of concrete outside the two patio doors. Extra dirt, moss, procrastination inclinations; it adds up to a recipe that only needs a cold breezy autumn day and a deadline to return a power washer to be complete.

But it got done. We can laugh at it, and at me, now. Good thing that good friend likes cool weather, because it looks like he will be power washing his deck on a cool and breezy autumn day.


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