Scratch Thing #70

70. Replace both couches

I guess you could say we are frugal. We purchased a couch when we lived in Chicagoland and were still using it yesterday, some 15 years later. The love seat we had was a hand-me-down (albeit a nice one) from a relative. The couch fabric was splitting and the love seats springs were broken and unrepairable.

They have been that way for over a year.

I could blame budget concerns (being frugal can account for part of the purchase delay), but this was primarily a procrastination thing. Deciding on what to purchase was the biggest concern for me. I didn’t look hard or do a lot of comparison shopping, but I have concluded that most furniture being built for the US market is not the same quality it was 10 or 15 years ago. The high price, high end furniture excepted because I did not look at any of it. Budget would not allow a purchase that large.

We settled on replacing the love seat and couch with two couches from Big Lots! Our oldest boy Justin works there, and at least around here, they currently have the best quality furniture and selection for the best price. The local big box store only carries college dorm room style furniture. The only two furniture stores in Waverly have closed their doors. The two furniture stores in Chillicothe that I was aware of have also closed their doors. This left slim pickings.

The couches may not have the longevity of the old ones, but only time will tell on that score. But they look nice, and they sit well which is important for my back. Justin made a cartoon drawing of me sitting on the old couch that he labeled “slouch cam”. It sat low enough that if I tried to sit on it with a straight back for a long period of time, my legs would go numb. So, I slouched. More often, I’d just lie down. I think these new couches are going to be a big improvement.


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