FEMA’s Fake Press Conference…

I really didn’t want to have two political rants back to back, but this one just screams to be talked about. I’ll have fun stuff in the upcoming days, I promise.

{The political lamp is lit}

FEMA faked a press conference last week in California.  They only gave 15 minutes warning to the press corps, which meant that the majority of reporters were on a “listen only” teleconference line, then a FEMA director proceeded to have FEMA staff pose questions to the FEMA official speaking at the conference.

And here I was thinking that FEMA was doing a decent job handling all the issues surrounding the wildfire crisis in California. Silly me. FEMA is acting as if this is an isolated incident; yet the “Washington two-step” has been enacted and the obligatory scapegoat has been ousted. One has to wonder how, or even if, this fake conference could happen without prior planning? I have never participated in a press conference, but I have been part of many Q&A style meetings, and frankly this is not something you can just pull off at the last second. Excuse me for being a little incredulous here, but these kind of shenanigans are endemic to the methodology of the current thugs in control of the USA’s executive branch. And if FEMA is doing it as part of their regular mindset of how to go about their jobs, what does that say about other parts of the executive branch? Can we trust what any of them are saying? Can we? Umm… No.

The Mouth of Bush, General Petraeus, told us a few weeks ago that the “surge” was working and that troops in Iraq would be drawn down to “pre-surge” levels by mid-July2008. We find out this week that his timetable coincides with the end of those “extended” 15 month troop deployments. Deployments which have no fresh troops to replace them. It is not a draw down as much as it is the maximum level of troops that our military can maintain. Barely.

We invaded Afghanistan to capture Osama. He is still free. We invaded Iraq to capture Weapons of Mass Destruction.  There weren’t any.  Bush is saying we may need to invade Iran to capture nuclear weapons. How in the hell does he expect me to believe him?

Lies, lies and damn lies.

And for the record, I think FEMA in its current form should be disbanded. It is a self-serving money pit that couldn’t respond adequately to a flea infestation.


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