“The Journey” is live at Every Day Fiction

My tale, “The Journey” was published today by Every Day Fiction (EDF).

Anyone who wishes to comment on it with kind words or harsh, is encouraged to do so. (Please!?) You can comment here, on the EDF website or on the EDF forum.

Also, I encourage everyone to subscribe to EDF via their email or RSS feeds. The feeds are the way that they count “subscribers”. I personally prefer navagating to their website on my own and reading the stories directly from there; but have subscribed just to show my support.

If you are a first time poster here, welcome to Blogtide Rising!  It may take time for your post to appear as I have chosen to personally approve every poster as a way to eliminate blog spam.  While you are here, go ahead and explore the quirky weirdness that is Blogtide Rising.  I have an eclectic life, and post on family, books and magazines, politics, movies, hiking, technology, 101 things that I am going to try to do in 1001 days, and anything else that happens to cross my mind.  See the Category list or the Page listing for anything that strikes your interest.


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