Review: ChronoSpace by Allen Steele

Chronospace by Allen Steele

I enjoy time travel stories where the time travel is just a vehicle (and not overly explained) and also ones where the time travel in integral to the story, plot and characters. The second kind are the ones that, if not written properly, fall utterly flat. But when they work, they are the most enjoyable.

This one works, and Steele does a very credible job in explaining paradoxes, and alternate universes and the like, without being preachy or resorting to an information dump. I especially liked that he did not cheat the ending. Everything leading up to the climax and denouement was set up properly in the prose that preceded it.

Enough about the plot device. I think Mr. Steele also did a fine job with characterization. He gives us enough of the characters to care about what is going on, but also not so much that the story bogs downs into character angst and introspection. At times the characters are swept along by the events, but they also grab the plot and carry it in some instances. It is a nice balance.

I enjoy Mr. Steele’s prose. I picked up this book on the strength of his short fiction alone. I am glad that I did. I think others who enjoy straightforward science fiction would enjoy this work as well.


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