I got a rejection yesterday. My reaction was to send it right off to another market.

The rejection was a good thing for at least two reasons. 1) I now know for sure I am not going to overreact to rejections, and 2) Duotrope, the online fiction market resource, will stop giving me the pop-up that I need to report rejections as well as acceptances. Up until yesterday my only entry in their market response time tracker was the sale I made to Every Day Fiction (EDF). All previous rejections were over 11 years ago–I think that predates Duotrope–and I can’t remember specifics anyway.

Part of my attitude change has to do with the simple fact that “The Journey”, that sale to EDF, had been my most rejected piece 11 years ago. I guess I needed to realize that some of the time there has to be a market that is ready for whatever it is I am writing. I admit it. I don’t think like other people do. It is what makes me a great software programmer and analyst. “Quirky Weirdness” is as good a way to describe me as any. All through their childhood, my boys had a common refrain; they kept telling me: “Stop being weird, Dad.”   Perhaps some markets are just not ready for my themes and my quirky weirdness.  I do know that I need to keep working hard on the mechanics of writing, and I will keep doing that.

I am probably not the best judge of my fiction. But it is a good stress outlet for me. And Doris is probably correct that I could get into trouble. And by trouble, I don’t mean “lock him up” trouble, but the kind that occurs when a pointy haired boss or other bureaucrat decides to make your life miserable. Because I pour work/government related themes or events into just about everything I am writing, I know that there are shallow and stupid people that will take offense to it. I figure if that happens, it is just more fuel for the fiction fire.

Hell, I am going to mimic some of the wording from this rejection notification in a story I am working on. Everything is fuel for the fiction fire!


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