Review: Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfiled (2008)

Honestly, I had trepidations about seeing this movie. I had overheard bad reviews, and had also been told good things about it. Surprisingly I was able to avoid any spoilers.

I am glad I did, because as it turns out I really liked the movie. I will do my best not to include any spoilers here.

The style of filming was similar to “The Blair Witch Project”, except better. The theme was big monster in big city. There is one major difference between this film and either “Blair Witch” or every monster movie I have seen–realistic characters. Or at least realistic for your typical movie. I paid attention to minor characters and extras and they seemed to be behaving realistically as well. There were several moments that even made me chuckle because what was happening on the screen was just an extension of how we see people behaving and reacting in news footage. While not every situation rings true, we are shown enough of each character to get a feel for who they are. I could care about these people, where as in “Blair Witch” I had started to wish they would have died sooner.

The conclusion of the movie was well done. It is different from most conclusions we see Hollywood producing these days, thankfully.

The point of view is a hand held camera. There are portions of the movie where the shaking does become annoying, but it seems to be survivable. The production value within the framework of a hand held camera is outstanding. There is also a depth to the film. The attention to details is remarkable. I plan on buying this film when it gets released just to have the pause button available to freeze frame and study all that is happening in some scenes.

I thought I was heading into a movie that Doris accurately described the original Godzilla movie meets “The Blair Witch Project”. It is that, and yet much, much more. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the monster movie genre.

Go see it!


3 Responses

  1. The shaking becomes annoying????? Try nauseating. With that and the noises, it was not a good movie to see when I was at the end of a migraine. BUT …. I liked it enough that I wouldn’t leave my seat to take my anti-nausea medicine. I want to see it again when we can pause the DVD to check things out. Thanks to Chris, I knew to look for something at the end. I’m thinking there may have been other “clues” sprinkled throughout that we missed because of the fast pace of the movie.

  2. I want to see this one on the big screen, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to work out the babysitting, work schedule logistics before it leaves theaters. I definitely want to see it, though, despite my reservations about the hand-held shots. I found those incredibly annoying in “The Blair Witch Project,” but then again neither the story nor the characters were done well enough to make it worthwhile to sit through the camera work. “Cloverfield” might well be different.

  3. I hope you can work things out. I think it is well worth seeing in the theater. The character holding the camera through most of the movie is funny and likable.

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