Been Busy Writing…

No post here for a while ’cause I been busy writing elsewhere. I finished off another new story and sent it out. I got a rejection of a flash story, tweaked it a bit and sent it on to another flash friendly magazine. I am also currently revising a story I started back in the late 90’s, finished a draft of last summer, and let sit. Even I recognized that the opening was slow on this one, and didn’t bother sending it out. As soon as I get the opening moving a little faster, it is going to go out. That will hopefully happen in a day or two.

I have had a small epiphany of sorts. I can look at stories I write and actually see where they bog down or are overly wordy. I couldn’t do that just a few months ago. I don’t have a definitive list or anything but I am going to finish all the stories that I have started. Maybe I should make a definitive list of all the stories I have in progress, just to keep track of them.

I feel good about some of the stories that are in various slush piles. Three of them I have very high hopes for. One of those stories sparked one of my family members to request more stories involving the main character. I have notes for at least five more stories. The character and world have really gotten my creative juices flowing. I have a few other stories that are almost finished and some completely new ideas that keep bouncing around in my head that need to get out.

I am happy with my enthusiasm. This blog served as a catalyst to get me in the habit of trying to write something every single day. It has worked. However, I am no longer going to try to get an entry posted here every day or even every other day, but I am not going to abandon this blog. I have three magazine reviews to complete and a few movie reviews as well. I’ll get those posted soon. There are days when I wish I was independently wealthy and could afford to be a full time writer. Well… maybe when I retire.


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