Story With No Name, accepted for publication!!

I planned on waiting until I had a new title to announce this acceptance, but that is proving harder than I expected.

My story, formally known as “The Shadow Blade of Thistlethwart”, has been accepted for publication in the “Infinity Swords” anthology from Carnivah House.  I am so jazzed!  I was expecting a rejection and had even picked out the next market to send it to.  The story currently has no name because the editors had one condition: give it a new title.  Easy!  No Problem!


The real ‘gotcha’ for me is that I was never very happy with the original title.  When the story idea occurred to me and the first pages flooded out faster than I could type, I needed something to name the word processing file.  ShadowBladeThistlethwart was what I named it.  Over time as I finished up the first draft of the story I guess I convinced myself that it was a good title.  It was a little cutesy and screamed juvenile fantasy (i.e. Harry Potter), but as a person with a quirky sense of humor I thought the juxtaposition of the title against the backdrop of an opening quote that established a strong science fictional setting was a hoot.  So I left it and did not give it another thought.

Now, I find it is branded into my brain.  I still don’t like it much, but I am afraid that I can’t come up with anything better.  I am likely being too hard on myself.  Yesterday, I gave myself a headache pondering and thinking about it.  All in all, I’d rather be drinking beer.

Which, just to show how sparky and exhausted my brain was, I actually considered using for a title.  “I’d Rather Be Drinking A Beer” was only marginally worse than “Accidental Hero”,  “The Good Evil Does”, and “Yes, Mister Churchill, There Is Such A Thing As Evil.”

Actually that last one has some promise.  It has that quirkiness that makes me grin.

The editors suggested creating something that fit the story’s theme.  Easier said than created.  When I stopped and took time to figure out how I came up with other story titles that I really liked, I realized that all of them just popped into my head at some point.  None of them were created with a conscious thought given to theme or character or plot.

I am going to read through my story a few times and cross my fingers that something pops.  If not, I think I’ll go have a beer.


3 Responses

  1. I sent a possible title off to the “Infinity Swords” editors yesterday.
    “An Awakening of Shadows”

    It plays with the “awakening” of both the Shadow Blade and the main character, and with the “shadow” or evilness of the Shadow Blade (duh), the politics within the story, and the initial attitude of the main character.

    I figure the editors are busy with regular life. So while I have the urge to press them for a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, I’ll not pester them just yet. Of course an editor or two may just read this…

    Have I said that I am totally, totally, jazzed about this acceptance?!!?

  2. “An Awakening of Shadows” gets my vote. I’ll see what the other two say.

  3. “An Awakening of Shadows” it is. Just got word on another post that this title has been approved. Yea!!

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