All That Glitters

I must be doing something right. My flash suspense story, All That Glitters, will appear at Every Day Fiction (EDF) on a date still to be determined. This will be my second appearance at EDF. My silly micro-fiction tale The Journey was published there in November 2007. This marks my third acceptance overall.

I feel very good about this sale. This was just me. I didn’t get a critique from friends or family on this one. I pounded out the first draft of this story in one sitting. I was trying hard to write an omniscient point of view story and I failed miserably. I tried for hours and hours to get it to work correctly. I let it sit for a few days before I decided to switch it to a first person point of view story. The most minor character in the original ended up being the only logical candidate to narrate/tell the story. I almost didn’t do the rewrite, but convinced myself it would be good practice, if nothing else. As soon as I started, the entire thing fell into place. It was amazing. After I finished that draft, I let it sit a few more days, then did some minor edits and sent it off.

It sold. How cool is that!?


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  1. Hey, Deven. Congrats on making it into EDF. Sounds like you’ve had some other writing success of late, too. Keepup the good work.

  2. Thanks to both of you!

    Yes, I have had some successes so far this year, Ty. I haven’t bragged over at SFReader yet, but we will be sharing the TOC in “Infinity Swords” (along with SC). I am holding off on bragging until I have final approval of the title change the editors requested… I really enjoyed your recent contribution to EDF. The title had me recalling a fellow member of my high school track team who always confronted bad weather with the phrase “run between the raindrops, and you won’t get wet.”

  3. Your new title is fine … brag away!

    And congrats on the EDF sale.

  4. Thanks!

  5. “All That Glitters” will be at Every Day Fiction on 30 May 2008. I’ll put up a post closer to that date.

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