My Day Off From The SETI Project

My Day Off From The SETI Project” has been published at Every Day Fiction.

My quirky humor escapes into the wild yet again. I had fun writing this one. The original draft did not take long to write. It was originally written as an exercise to see if I could produce something within the rules of the SETI Issue contest being held by The Drabbler series of anthologies published by Sam’s Dot Publishing.

For those that don’t know, a Drabble is a story that must be exactly 100 words long. I failed to make the cut for the anthology. I heavily tweaked the original story and sent it on to EDF. They liked it and suggested adding some paragraph breaks and a word change. I was able to keep the story at exactly 100 words, a feat I am quite proud of.

Since some people may be reading this after clicking a link at EDF, I just want to give the team at EDF a virtual high-five. Even though they are experiencing problems with hosting, the site looks (and is) very professional. Thanks, Steven! The two editors I have worked with have always provided wonderful feedback on stories I have submitted. Thanks, Jordan and Camille!

Please leave a comment about the story here or at EDF; I promise that nothing anyone can say will upset me. And even if you don’t want to comment, make sure you give the story a rating–that part is totally anonymous and you can be as ruthless or as kind as you wish.

Oh! And if anyone is part of a social community for SETI, please feel free to share the link.



2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on an excellent drabble. I tried something myself for the Seti issue of The Drabbler, but on rereading it found nothing salvagable.


  2. Thanks, Cate!

    I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything else with my drabble either until I realized that the theme could be more about the narrator and less about what message space aliens might be sending us.
    Jordan at EDF also suggested changing one word that improved it immensely and brought it even closer to the new theme.
    I am a huge fan of EDF and they always get a first look at any flash I happen to write.

    I trunked my rejected submission to “Strange Worlds of Lunacy”. I wrote it in a rush and pretty much feel that it is rubbish. I guess not every story can find a home.

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