Has it been a year already?

A year ago I received an email from the editors of EDF.  The story I had sent them, hadn’t been rejected nor accepted.  Just the fact that I had heard back from them was a benchmark of sorts for me.

Brief history of Deven the writer.  I wrote stories when I was in High School.  I even was brave enough to send a few stories out, all of which collected rejections.  My creative writing teacher was abysmal and I stopped.  I did not enter college right away because I wanted to earn some money and pay off a car and during that time I wrote some more but didn’t send any stories out.  When I did start attending college, I took another creative writing course (much better than the high school one) and wrote some more, but did not send any stories out.  I puttered with ideas, and wrote some things just for me over the intervening years until the mid 1990’s.  I reconnected with good friend Steve Goble who had recently sold a story and was doing fiction online with friends.  I joined in.   I caught the bug again.   This time I did send stories out.  I got a well deserved rejection from the Star Trek “new voyages” contest; and I also got rejections for a flash story I sent to Analog and the now defunct Aboriginal SF.  But then, I stopped again.  My mind believed that crappy high school teacher who told me that I could not write, and never would be able to.  But the stories would not leave me alone and I jotted down ideas whenever they came to me.   Jump forward to two years ago, and reconnecting with Steve again.  The urge to write blossomed again and I started a few stories that are still unfinished as I write this.  Steve had gained success with writing and was branching out.  He asked me to send him a story for an anthology idea he was working on with his wife Gere and friend TW Williams.  I was honored and sent him one.  He rejected the story, but gave me a detailed critique on it.  The story was good, I just needed to work on the craft of writing.  Hell, I could deal with that!  It was such a boost to realize that with a little work I could turn this story into a good story.  A month later I sent EDF “The Journey“, the story I mentioned at the top of this long winded post, which they held onto for four more days before accepting it.  The Journey was an expansion (can you believe it?) of the story that Analog and Aboriginal rejected in the 90’s.

Has it really been a year since I finally convinced myself that I could actually write?  The time has flown by and it has at times seemed very surreal.   “The Journey” was the only story I sold in the 2007 calendar year, but I have sold an additional five this year.  But that is for another post.

Thank-you Steve, and Doris, and Justin, Chris and Derek, and EDF, and everyone else that has given me support and encouragement this past year.  Writing makes me feel more complete, and I am happier and healthier for it.  Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the full year.

    Actually, Uber-Congratulations on the five stories sold so far this year! That is really impressive (I don’t think I’ve even HAD five stories out for consideration this year. Lazy sot that I am)!

    This whole “why we write” thing is still a bit mysterious to me. We won’t make any money doing it. The gauntlet of rejections is enough to make most secure people shrivel up and quit.

    Ah, but the finished product – seeing your words gathered there for all to read! The act of creating something out of nothing is intoxicating.

    I’m not always that wild about writing – but I sure like ‘having writen’!

    Anyway, congrats again. I’ve been looking out for your stuff.

  2. Thanks, David!
    After having quit twice before, I have learned to embrace rejections. It has made writing much more fun now that instant approval (acceptances) is not that important to me anymore.

    As for my stuff, the “My Stories” tab at the top of the page will always have a complete list of sales with links to the stories or to purchase locations, and what is forthcoming.
    Next up: EDF will be publishing “Becoming Cottontail” on 9/11/08.

  3. Well, you’re welcome … but you did all the real work.

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