Becoming Cottontail, a modern fable for 9/11

My modernistic fable “Becoming Cottontail” is live at Every Day Fiction.

I do not know if the editors chose my story to run on 9/11 on purpose, or if it is just one of life’s happy accidents. For me, personally, it is very fitting. I have said in other posts here that I flew to Chicago the first day air traffic resumed after 9/11. It is not that 9/11 did not bother me, on the contrary it disturbed me a great deal. But my coping mechanism is to soldier on with daily life and in that way thumb my nose at those who would attempt to terrorize me. At one level “Becoming Cottontail” embraces this theme; soldiering on despite all obstacles.

To further the coincidences that seem to infuse my life, it was exactly one year ago today that EDF accepted “The Journey” for publication. That acceptance, and now this publication, have helped give a different meaning to 9/11 for me. Soldiering on works, and good things happen after the tragedy has passed.


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