I am Anthologized

Those who read this blog know that I have had success writing flash fiction, and that I have landed four stories with the online magazine Every Day Fiction.

Well, EDF just announced the story line up for their “Best Of” print anthology for stories they published during their first year, and my story “The Journey” has been selected for inclusion.  I was totally floored.  Of the four stories I have sold to them, I feel that “Becoming Cottontail” is my best, but since it was published at the start of EDF’s second year, I figured I would have to wait for the “Best of EDF ’09” for a chance at this honor.

There were a lot of very good and very fun stories that did not make the cut.   Stories I really liked, and authors that I have come to respect, did not make the cut.

In some ways I feel that my ninety-five word bundle of quirky weirdness is undeserving.  But then again, after it got some initial rejections, it bounced around in my head for eleven years before this fresh version spilled out, so perhaps that counts for something, eh?

Even though it is sinking in that I did the work, I still owe a heap of gratitude to Steve Goble for giving me the encouragement to face rejection again.   And I owe even bigger heaps of hugs and love to every single member of my family for more support than a husband and father could ever wish for.

Nope, I’m not crying, that’s some dust that got in my eye…


4 Responses

  1. Deven: If I helped, man, you are welcome. But you did all the work and took the chances. I’m just glad there’s one more storyteller out there, and that other people get to enjoy your quirky weirdness.

  2. Thanks, Steve.

    I have seven stories circulating at present, and a few more on the burner. I got overly stressed back in the 90’s because of rejections. Now, the entire process of writing, including rejections, is stress reducing.

    It has been an amazing year on the writing front.

  3. Hey, Deven–thanks for the kind words over at my blog regarding the EDF antho. And congrats to you, as well (although belated).

    It’s great to see that writing is a stress reliever for you. I think I haven’t felt that way about writing since high school–when I didn’t feel any pressure to publish, or to measure my success by anything other than getting my friends and family to read and enjoy my work.

    I hope to get back to that place!

  4. Hey, Nik. Thanks for stopping by.
    The entire process for me has really changed. Submitting used to cause stress, because I put too much emphasis on publishing. I didn’t write for 11 years as a result. Now I am only writing for me, and if an editor happens to like it, well, that’s a bonus.
    I wish I could describe what process I went through to get here, but it was as if I just woke up and the stress about submitting had gone away like a bad dream.

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