About that Daily Word Count

For those that may have noticed that my daily productivity of first draft wordage has dropped below 75, fret not.

I am writing, it is just mostly in the form of edits and rewrites which I am not counting.

I started this word count experiment just to see where my overall productivity fell.  I think my productivity is fine, but I have learned something.  I think I could be more productive overall if I generated a set number of new first draft words each day.  I am going to try doing that for a time and see what happens with the overall word count, and also see what happens to my editing workload.  Today, I generated close to a thousand new words, and I edited a poem that has been pestering me.  I’ll finish out the month with the word count tool set the way it is now, but come January, I am going to reset to total words to zero, and the goal to 36,500 words and make sure I make time to hammer out at least, but not only, 100 words a day.

I am comfortable, and that might be a problem.  I really wanted to get the back log of my false start stories finished and submitted during December.  So far, I haven’t gotten a new story submitted anywhere this month, but I have resubmitted four, not including a rewrite request.


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