Road Trip: Late December Gray Skies

Several days back, I fetched the youngest from Pittsburgh.  At some point, this trip will surely become mundane, but not this one.  The entire trip over was in a bone chilling downpour.  I know, I had to fix a windsheild wiper while standing in it.  My body hates cold and my arthiritis has been acting up ever since.

I have talked here about the signs of the time, the actuallity of the depression that has hit small towns along my route.  But last Friday, really, really made the bad straights we are in ubundantly clear.  In Zanesville, at the Salvation Army center, they were handing out clothing, food and a few toys.  Despite the nearly freezing rain, people were lined up down the block, most of them without umbrellas.

But what really hit me emotionally was the young family heading down the street with a stroller full of necessities.  They were smiling and crying.

They were happy to be getting hand me down clothing and canned food.  How bad must their normal lives be if this marginal charity was something that they were so happy to get that they were crying?

Our nation is handing out billions of dollars to people that squandered what they had in the name of greed.  As yet, very little if anything has been done to help those working class people that have lost their jobs or have been turned out of their homes.

So much good can be done with just a little bit of those billions.

More than the rain put a damper on my mood this road trip.


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